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Adult Students


The Finish Line

Final examinations comprise at least 50% of your ATAR score and are fast approaching. You've got 8 weeks to prepare for the most academically challenging period of your school life.


The Finish Line is an 8-session program designed to navigate Year 12 students through the unique and challenging journey of their final two months of schooling.


The program starts at the beginning of a student’s Term 3 Holiday period and concludes after their final formal examination.


The Finish Line focuses on the key habits, strategies and mindset required to successfully transition from schoolwork to exam preparation and performance.


The program is customised for every student’s strengths and aspirations and is delivered by their personal coach who will guide them every step of the way until they reach The Finish Line.


Goal Setting

Refining and clarifying goals is a powerful motivator at this final stage of each student’s academic journey. Students will be supported in setting goals which are purposeful, targeted and concise.



The best laid student plans can fall apart very quickly if students are not kept accountable. During the Finish Line program, students will be kept accountable from their personalised Game Plan Coach on a regular basis to ensure that weekly targets are achieved.


Positive Wellbeing

During such a stressful time for students, it is imperative that students maintain positive wellbeing. Within their weekly plans, students will incorporate Self-Care & Rewards that will help them maintain a healthy study-life balance.


Organisation & Personalised Weekly Planning

Effective organizational skills are of vital importance at such a critical stage of the academic year. Students will be taught key organization skills and will develop specific weekly plans to suit their strengths which will help keep them on track to achieve success during their final examinations.

What Our Clients Say

Adult Students

Hing C, Parent

“As a parent... Game Plan Coaches have coached all my 3 children in Year 11/12, as private tutors, coaches and this COVID Pandemic Year, in webinars. I cannot speak any more highly about their professionalism and high quality content. My children have definitely performed better than expectations and gained high study scores. Thank you Game Plan Coaches!"

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