Game Plan School Programs

Game Plan's School Programs focus on the balance of maximising student potential through positive study habits whilst fostering important wellbeing behaviours in students.


The Power of Purpose

Find your purpose and journey. A purpose can help transform a students schooling experience. Through the experience of successful past students as well as educational experts, this program provides students with in-depth intrapersonal reflection.


Designing Your Own
Learning System

Students develop essential habits and routines to create their own Learning System. This set of behaviours allows them to achieve their optimal academic performance and maintain positive wellbeing.

Never Too Late

There's always change to create positive habits and turn it around. Our interactive presentation plants the seeds for change, no matter the point in your schooling journey.


Master Exam Preparation

Exams are a crucial part of the assessment progression and form a key summative part of your Year 12 marks. This program combines wellbeing and academic guidance through the key facets of exam preparation techniques. 


The Holiday Advantage

Holidays can be crucial periods of change for students, outside of the four walls of school. This program combines aspects of student wellbeing during these periods as well as a system to implement revision and learning.

What Our Clients Say


Darren Verco

Deputy Head of Caulfield Grammar Senior School

Gameplan’s presentation to our students was excellent. All of the presenters were professional, articulate and engaging. Gameplan were able to provide our students with some valuable techniques to help with planning their senior school journey. The feedback has been most positive and the audience came away feeling motivated and inspired. We would recommend Gameplan to any school hoping to implement the key learning behaviours, strategies and mentality required to successfully traverse the challenges and hurdles of the senior school years.