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Game Plan School Programs

Game Plan Coaching's School Programs focus on the balance of maximising student potential through positive study habits and fostering wellbeing behaviours in students. Our passionate team of presenters will empower and motivate students to thrive in their academic journey and get the most out of their high school experience.

Bouncing Back is all about developing resilience.

When faced with adversities, it can be difficult to know how to manage and cope with the situation. Our experienced panel unpack their personal experiences and the challenges that life has thrown at them. Through this impactful dialogue students will learn practical tips and strategies that can be implemented the next time they're faced with a challenge.

Bouncing Back

Years 7 - 9


The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose showcases inspirational real-world stories of people who have overcome challenges to excel in their chosen pursuits.


Our experienced presenters unpack each of these amazing stories and focus on the behaviours, mindset and strategies that helped cultivate success, and relate these core behaviours back to the challenges that Senior School students face on their academic journey.

Years 10 - 11


Never Stop Believing

Never Stop Believing showcases the core behaviours and positive mindset Ange Postecoglou employed to overcome his coaching challenges during his amazing journey. Our experienced presenters relate Ange’s challenges to the student challenges of navigating VCE.

Years 10 - 11


Senior School Examinations present a daunting challenge for students. Game Time is designed to help students navigate the challenges of Exam Preparation at Year 10 or 11.


Our presentation focuses on coaching students how to effectively scaffold their preparation for Examinations whilst educating students how to manage their stress and anxiety during this intense period. Our experienced presenters will introduce a range of sustainable behaviours that will create positive long-term habits.

Game Time

Years 10 - 11


Design Your Own Learning System

Students find comfort, safety and a sense of purpose in the predictability of daily routines.


Design Your Own Learning System is a presentation that educates students to develop routines based on their strengths. Our experienced presenters will showcase how consistent routines correlate with improved motivation and productivity, lower stress levels, as well as improved mental health and positive wellbeing.

Years 10 - 11


The Secrets to Year 12 Success

Year 12 can be a challenging time for students; they experience stress and anxiety when overwhelmed by the magnitude of work required to achieve their goals.


The Secrets to Year 12 Success presentation educates students about how to build their own organisational system that will hold them in good stead during the most challenging periods. Our experienced presenters share their practical insights on how to thrive academically while maintaining a balanced life that is crucial to fostering positive wellbeing.

Year 12


The Secrets to Year 12 Success - Workshop

Our half day workshop brings together our The Secrets to Year 12 Success presentation with small-group interactive workshops. Our facilitators provide proven and practical hands-on strategies that students can efficiently implement into their study habits and routines.


Recommended as part two of

The Secrets to Year 12 Success presentation

Year 12


Surviving the Storm

With the initial buzz of entering their final year at school having dissipated, and the weather taking a significant turn to its wintry worst, Term 2 can present the most significant of challenges for students as SAC’s start to pile up, motivation starts to wane, and the grind of Year 12 begins to set in.


Our Surviving the Storm presentation guides students on how to navigate the academic challenges of Term 2. Our experienced presenters unpack key practical strategies that students can implement to maintain their motivation and develop sustainable self-care.

Year 12


The Finish Line

The Finish Line presentation provides VCE students with a unique and detailed insight into preparing for their formal Year 12 Examinations. This dynamic presentation outlines key strategies for students to implement over the final 8 weeks of their academic journey. Our experienced presenters share proven study techniques that maximise academic performance whilst maintaining healthy wellbeing during a stressful period.

Year 12


Sabine Partington

Head of Teaching & Learning

Jimmy and the team at Game Plan Coaching have made a tangible difference to our students’ feeling of preparedness for achieving excellence over the coming examination period. Their approach advocates for student agency and the power of rigour and balance in achieving ambitious goals. The feedback from our teachers and students was overwhelmingly positive.

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