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At Game Plan, we understand and empathise with the pressures faced by schools, teachers and students. Students aren't equipped with the relevant academic skills and self-management tools, and as a result they experience challenges throughout their educational journey.

Our solution.

We deliver highly engaging, practical and personalised services to help young people achieve their goals. Our coaching programs introduce and implement eclectic and practical skills that enable students to manage their stress and reach their academic potential. Our personalised tutoring services are run by experienced teachers and expert tutors to supplement students’ learning at school.


Our vision is to empower students to achieve their academic potential whilst learning to effectively manage their wellbeing.

Adult Students

Hing C, Parent

“As a parent... Game Plan Coaches have coached all my 3 children in Year 11/12, as private tutors, coaches and this COVID Pandemic Year, in webinars. I cannot speak any more highly about their professionalism and high quality content. My children have definitely performed better than expectations and gained high study scores. Thank you Game Plan Coaches!"

Tori W, Student

“The Game Plan webinars have been immensely helpful and have boosted my confidence and skills in chemistry. The interactive style webinars delivered by an experienced chemistry teacher, Vercs, have been really valuable and have helped me improve my marks and feel more confident leading into exam revision. I have also greatly benefited from gaining insightful tips and advice from Issie, a past student. I couldn’t highly recommended it enough!”

Jacob S, Student

“Anxiety and stress were definitely factors that I needed to focus on and eliminate as much as possible, the program helped me do that by giving me structure, I didn’t feel as if I was going into the unknown, instead I felt like I had a straight forward path, always knowing what I had to do, rather than being overwhelmed and stressed through the period. Having a coach really helps as you have direct support via someone that you can rely on and receive feedback.”

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VCE Teachers, VCAA Examinars, and high performance tutors.

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Personalised Coaching

Develop key habits and skills.

Manage stress and anxiety.

Master Exam Preparation.

Mental health support with our psychologist and school counseller.

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