The future of Personalised Learning and Wellbeing

We are excited to announce that Game Plan Digital Learning™ is here.

The future of learning is here. COVID-19 has reshaped the learning paradigm for students. The shift from traditional learning within physical school settings has now transitioned into a hybrid model incorporating online learning from home, which presents a unique set of challenges. The core behaviours of being highly organised, self-motivated, efficient and effective learners become premium fundamentals to drive success which are reflected in the ethos of Game Plan Coaching.

As schools understandably grapple with how to best deliver their learning programs online, students must adapt and embrace the opportunities and benefits of online learning. At Game Plan Coaching, we want to further support students in this unsettling climate, by providing Online Learning that supplements curriculum taught at schools.

Complementary to Game Plan Coaching programs which educate students how to optimise their learning systems, Game Plan Digital Learning provides a flexible approach for students to master curriculum. The range of programs include 1 on 1 tutoring, small-group boutique tutoring sessions for a group of friends or peers, and finally VCE interactive webinars facilitated by subject experts to provide a comprehensive and personalised learning experience. Our digital platform allows personalised content delivery from the comfort of your own learning space, at a convenient time with an online library and notes to retain and maintain key learning principles.

Despite uncertain times and unchartered educational territory, wellbeing becomes paramount and provides the foundation for academic success. Game Plan Wellbeing is incorporated into our coaching programs by our own leading psychologist.

All the themes and challenges faced by Year 12 students are unpacked through our Year 12 themed podcast that is free and available to all students and parents via our website and Spotify.

Check out our podcast and range of programs and reach out to us today. We look forward to discussing your unique learning journey and together we will structure a Game Plan for your success.

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