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Frequently Asked Questions

Game Plan Wellbeing

Q: What does a wellbeing session involve?

A 1 on 1, personalised psychological consultation that addresses wellbeing and mental health concerns with a Game Plan Psychologist.


Q: What is the duration of a wellbeing session?


Approximately 50 minutes.


Q: What is the cost of a wellbeing session?


A wellbeing session is $149.00. For students or parents who are currently or have previously been involved in a Game Plan program, the cost of a session will be $129.00. With a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, you are entitled to 20 sessions each calendar year subsidised by the government.

Q: How do I get a Mental Health Care Plan?


A Mental Health Care Plan is obtainted through your doctor (General Practitioner).


Q: Are the sessions confidential?


All information is kept confidential, unless you or another individual is at risk of harm or if there is a legal necessity to do so.

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