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VCE English Teacher

B. Education, B. Media & Communication

Vikki is a seasoned English educator with over 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience. A qualified Secondary Teacher with a Media & Communication degree, Vikki brings a unique blend of VCE knowledge and passion to the teaching game. Vikki thrives on assisting students tackle all aspects of English, specifically providing systems and templates to tackle those English prompts like a pro, making it accessible for students of all levels. A competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt, Vikki is dedicated to creating a dynamic and enriching learning experience, cultivating motivation, discipline and determination to achieve hard earned results. Vikki is all about connecting with students, encouraging inquiry and building confidence, no matter where they're at in their academic journey. With Vikki you experience a down to earth, fun and practical lesson, each and every time - with all the hacks you need to achieve your goals.

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