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Honestly can’t thank you enough for helping us last year with the coaching. It was incredibly helpful I know for the both of us! Each session was logically and strategically set out to aid us throughout what would otherwise be a very overwhelming year and I can genuinely say we looked forward to each one.  Your ability to hear and understand our struggles and provide simple, motivational and effective steps for us to follow really made a huge difference - not only in my grades but importantly my overall well-being also.


Personally, as a perfectionist, I’ve struggled with giving myself enough time away from my studies to really maximise my ability and manage my mental health. This coaching helped me to overcome this, for instance, through sessions focusing on scheduling, I learnt to insist on spending a set time winding down and just talking with my grandma on weekdays after school, starting a thankfulness journal and recording my daily moods, without compromising on my studies.


Despite being a high achieving student already, I learnt that to succeed in year 12, these steps were vital to helping me get through this year.  Each, foundational and incredibly motivational session helped me stay focused and determined - and were invaluable during this important time. They really gave me the confidence in myself.


I’m so grateful for the time and genuine care you gave us; guiding us from months away to hours before each exam, ensuring each session was tailored to our specific weaknesses and strengths.


Thank you again so much for coaching me, each session always left me feeling more motivated, relaxed and quietly confident about what lay ahead. I know I looked forward to each one as they gave me a boost of energy and excitement.