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On Your Marks - Coming January 2020

Academic performance is often misconstrued as a measure of intelligence. At Game Plan Coaching, we believe academic performance is a function of key learning behaviours and that a scientific approach to learning drives success.

On a daily basis, you're told what to learn but have you ever explicitly been taught how to learn? 

On Your Marks is a 9 week, Term 1 program designed to cultivate key learning behaviours that create learning momentum for success whilst completing the VCE or IB.  During the program, with the guidance of your own personal coach, you will design your personalised learning system and learn to integrate proven practices that enhance your wellbeing.

On Your Marks

On Your Marks consists of the following services:

  • 1 x 75 minute initial consultation

  • 9 x 50 minute weekly 1 on 1 coaching sessions

  • Access to Educational Psychologist

  • Access to Educational Expert


Why choose On Your Marks?

  • Assigned your own personal Game Plan coach

  • Program customised to student

  • Wholistic approach to learning including self-care

  • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety

  • Develop positive habits for the long term

  • Accountability

  • Goal analysis

The Finish Line

You've just completed Term 3 of Year 12. The good news is that SAC's and IA's are done, the day to day grind of school life is over and the warm spring weather is just beginning. However your final examinations that comprise at least 50% of your ATAR score are fast approaching. You've got 8 weeks to prepare for the most academically challenging period of your school life;


The Finish Line is an 8-week program designed to navigate Year 12 students through the unique and challenging journey of their final two months of schooling. The program starts at the beginning of a student’s Term 3 Holiday period and concludes after their final formal examination. The Finish Line focuses on the key habits, strategies and mindset required to successfully transition from schoolwork to exam preparation and performance.  The program is customised for every student’s strengths and aspirations and is delivered by their personal coach who will guide them every step of the way until they reach The Finish Line.