The learning exchange between schools and students is widening; life beyond the school gates demands our students are equipped with an eclectic set of skills. Despite noble intentions, schools struggle to train and upskill their students to become wholistic learners; they are anchored by burgeoning curricula and hamstrung by logistical constraints. Consequently, students aren't equipped with the relevant academic skills and self-management tools, which we refer to as "The Hidden Skillset", to cope with the rigours of VCE or IB; much is expected of our students, but do we explicitly train them on how to navigate their way through the complex journey of the final years of their Secondary Education?

At Game Plan, we understand and empathise with the pressures faced by schools, teachers and students. Subsequently, our bespoke programs include lectures and workshops that have been designed by a Leading Teacher and Psychologist, to solve the missing piece of the learning puzzle that is "The Hidden Skillset". Ultimately, our vision is to empower students to unlock their academic potential and enhance their wellbeing by providing the relevant and practical skills that enable them to work in concert with their peers, teachers and community.

Each phase of Senior School presents its own set of unique challenges which need to be addressed.



The transition for students from Middle School to Senior School is the steepest learning curve; there is no dovetail. The warm comfort zone of Middle School rapidly recedes for students as they are thrust into a learning atmosphere replete with academic expectation and key decisions that shape their future; the sudden change in expectation fuels anxiety and self-doubt. It is at this pivotal junction between Middle and Senior Schools that the need for "The Hidden Skillset" first manifests and Game Plan guides students through this crucial transition.




Subject choices have been made, a future trajectory has been set, and students embark on their two-year journey; the demanding nature of schoolwork soon becomes reality - but have students been equipped with the relevant learning behaviours and mindset to succeed? Have they crafted their own personalised learning system which enables them to thrive? Success is borne on the foundation of an effective learning system and Game Plan focuses on educating students how to design their own learning system.




In a flawed educational model where Year 12 studies only formally contribute to ATAR scores, student anxiety and stress is at alarming levels. Let's be honest, Year 12 is brutal on our students; the relentless nature of SAC's or lA's, complex tertiary choices to evaluate and, with the spectre of final examinations looming, who can blame any student for feeling "stressed" and "overwhelmed"? Game Plan educates students how to manage their anxiety and stress through a series of practical and manageable steps.


With Game Plan Coaching, your students will get all the tools they need to get ahead and stay ahead. Here's proof;

Game Plan Taught Me

"That everybody has to start somewhere and it is possible to take action now"

"How to manage stress more effectively"

"To acknowledge my strengths and weakness so I can build on them"

"To have a major focus, have a support network, to ask for help and to never give up"

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