The future of Personalised Learning and Wellbeing
& Self Care

We are excited to announce that Game Plan Digital Learning™ is here.

The future of learning has arrived suddenly as COVID-19 has reshaped the learning experience for students. The shift from traditional learning within physical school settings has now transitioned into online learning from home, which presents a unique set of challenges; the core behaviours of being highly organised, self-motivated, efficient and effective learners become premium fundamentals to drive success which are central to Game Plan Coaching programs.

Uncertain times lie ahead for your education... why would you want to do it alone?

As schools understandably grapple with how to best deliver their programs online, students must adapt and embrace the opportunities and benefits of online learning. At Game Plan, we want to further support students in this unsettling climate, by providing Online Learning that delivers subject content based on student needs.

Complementary to Game Plan Coaching programs which teach students how to optimise their learning systems, Game Plan Digital Learning will provide 1 on 1 tutoring services, small-group tutoring sessions for a group of friends or peers, term review programs, and assessment preparation techniques facilitated by subject experts to provide a comprehensive and personalised learning experience. Our digital platform allows personalised content delivery from the comfort of your own space, at a convenient time with an online library and notes to retain and maintain key learning principles.


Not sure how to effectively manage work at school? Not sure how to manage stress? Our core program helps you design your own learning system.


About to sit your Year 10 or Year 11 mid-year exams? Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Not sure how to prepare? So much to do, so little time…..


Are you stuck in a rut? Motivation waning? Feeling overwhelmed with the volume of SACs that keep coming at you? Over the daily grind that is Year 12? 

ANYWHERe anytime

You name the problem and we will tailor a solution for you and map out the process that will help you achieve your goal.


You've got 8 weeks to prepare for the most academically challenging period of your school life; final exams.

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