Not sure how to effectively manage work at school? Not sure how to manage stress? Our core program helps you design your own learning system.


On Your Marks is a coaching program designed to help students navigate through the challenges throughout Year 9-12.

The 10-session program focuses on coaching students how to design their own learning system which is central to academic success and positive wellbeing. Students will be assigned their own personalised coach who will introduce and implement a range of sustainable behaviours that will create positive long-term habits. Topics in the program include:  

  •  Building Learning Fitness;

  • Organisation and Planning;

  • Assessment Analysis and Preparation;

  • Understanding how to effectively use Learning Momentum;

  • Identifying how to use your resources to create maximum impact;

  • Mastering the Art of Exam Simulation;

  • Implementing Effective Feedback;

  • Mindset Management;

  • Self-Care; 


They connected with my son and transformed him to make him feel like everything is possible and he can achieve his goals

Nada, Parent


You've just completed Term 3 of Year 12. The good news is that SAC's and IA's are done, the day to day grind of school life is over and the warm spring weather is just beginning. However your final examinations that comprise at least 50% of your ATAR score are fast approaching. You've got 8 weeks to prepare for the most academically challenging period of your school life;


The Finish Line is an 8-session program designed to navigate Year 12 students through the unique and challenging journey of their final two months of schooling. The program starts at the beginning of a student’s Term 3 Holiday period and concludes after their final formal examination. The Finish Line focuses on the key habits, strategies and mindset required to successfully transition from schoolwork to exam preparation and performance.  The program is customised for every student’s strengths and aspirations and is delivered by their personal coach who will guide them every step of the way until they reach The Finish Line.

Game Plan Coaches meeting up with their students after exams to discuss results and life after school

Benefits & Logistics

Why choose Game Plan Coaching Programs?

  • Assigned your own personal Game Plan coach

  • Programs customised to student

  • Holistic approach to learning including self-care

  • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety

  • Develop positive habits for the long term

  • Accountability

  • Goal analysis

All coaching programs consists of the following services:

  • 1 x 60 minute initial consultation

  • Weekly coaching sessions approximately 45 minutes in duration

  • Access to Director of Education

  • Access to Director of Wellbeing